Iowa Program Directors

Cass Dorius
Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies
Evidence Based Policy
Shawn Dorius
Associate Professor of Sociology
Demography and Community Sociology
Chris Seeger
Professor, Extension Specialist in Geospatial Technologies
Geospatial Analysis, Geospatial Data Science, Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

Curriculum Team

Todd Abraham
Assistant Director of Data & Analytics for the Iowa Integrated Data System
Integrated Data Systems
Heike Hofmann
Professor of Statistics and Interim Professor in Charge of the Data Science Program
Data Visualization
Adisak Sukul
Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Computer Science
Computer Science

Advisory Team

Chad Higgins
Senior Program Director for ISU Extension and Outreach
Extension and Outreach
Erin Mullenix
Research Director of the Iowa League of Cities
Local Government Research
Jim Reecy
Associate Vice President for Research
Animal Science
Gary Taylor
Program Director for the Community and Economic Development program of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Community and Regional Planning

Program Support

Haley Jeppson
PhD Student in Statistics
Madeline Johnson
Graduate Student in Statistics
Kelsey Van Selous
Ph.D. Student in Human Development and Family Studies
Human Development and Family Studies


Deepak George
DSPG Summer Fellow
Computer Science
Kishor Kumar
DSPG Summer Fellow
Information Systems
Atefeh Rajabalizadeh
DSPG Summer Fellow
Industrial Engineering


Jessie Bustin
DSPG Summer Intern
Data Science and Statistics
Kent Chong
DSPG Summer Intern
Finance and Supply Chain Management
Grant Durbahn
DSPG Summer Intern
Economics and Math
Vikram Magal
DSPG Summer Intern
Business Analytics and Management Information Systems
Andrew Maloney
DSPG Summer Intern
Data Science
Katie Thompson
DSPG Summer Intern
Political Science and Sociology
Joel Von Behren
DSPG Summer Intern
Data Science
Matthew Voss
DSPG Summer Intern
Statistics, Computer Science, Math
Xinyi Zhu
DSPG Summer Intern
Statistics and Data Science