Kishor Kumar

DSPG Summer Fellow
Kishor Kumar


Kishor Kumar Sridhar is from Chennai, India, and is currently pursuing his Graduate Studies in Information Systems at Iowa State University. In the current scenario, data is often touted as the new oil. Data, if used the right way, can help solve real-world problems. He believes that being a part of the Data Science for the Public Good Young Scholars program will give him valuable experience in solving real-life issues facing the State of Iowa using a data-driven approach. Kishor has worked as a Data Science Intern at the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) and worked on data science projects like building a regression model to predict the wait-times of customers at the Driving License stations in all the 18 major driving license centers across the State of Iowa.

“I believe this DSPG program would give me an amazing opportunity to broaden my practical application aspects of Data Science. I am fascinated by the prospect of applying Data Science for the betterment of public good through this Fellowship program.” - Kishor

Area of Expertise: 
Information Systems