Andrew Maloney

DSPG Summer Intern
Andrew Maloney


Andrew Maloney is a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Mathematics and Data Science. While originally from Davenport, Iowa, Andrew grew up in Rock Island, Illinois, and returned to Iowa to pursue his goal to become a well-trained data scientist. Andrew has a variety of experiences, including work as an undergraduate research assistant with the Center of Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence, as well as experience with Habitat for Humanity projects.  These experiences have allowed Andrew to develop expertise with programming languages, translate theoretical concepts into practical data science applications, and build awareness regarding community need for public service.

“I firmly believe that with this opportunity to work with the Data Science for the Public Good project, not only can I help support the public good in a small way, I also end up growing as a person both in my technical skills and my empathy for others.” -Andrew

Area of Expertise: 
Data Science