Vikram Magal

DSPG Summer Intern
Vikram Magal


Vikram Magal is an incoming senior majoring in Business Analytics and minoring in Management Information Systems. He was born in Georgia, raised in India, attended high school in California, and now resides in Iowa. He originally entered college as a Computer Science major before transitioning to Business Analytics.  Vikram took his first data science course in his junior year and realized his passion lies in providing data-driven insights and solutions as well as the intersection of business and technology. 

“Data Science is no doubt a field that is rapidly expanding due to the large amounts of data that exists out there in the digital space, so I feel that I would greatly benefit from this program that helps me break into the field. More importantly, working for an organization that can potentially make an actual change in my immediate surroundings while benefiting the people around me seems like a very rewarding experience.” -Vikram

Area of Expertise: 
Business Analytics and Management Information Systems