Morenike Atejioye

DSPG Summer Fellow
Headshot of Morenike Atejioye

With a strong academic background in Community and Regional Planning, including a BSc. from Obafemi Awolowo University and an MSc. from Iowa State University, I fully understand the principles and practices that shape our urban environments. My Certificate in Business Analytics also equips me with the skills to leverage data-driven insights in urban planning.

Beyond my academic qualifications, I have actively engaged in various roles and activities to broaden my skill set and contribute to my community. As a Master Guide in Adventist Youth Ministry, I mentor and guide young individuals, fostering their personal and spiritual growth. I have also served as a Teaching Assistant, sharing my knowledge and assisting students in their academic development. Furthermore, my experience as a Graduate Assistant of Multicultural Student Success at the College of Design highlights my commitment to promoting inclusivity and advocating for students from diverse backgrounds.

Driven by my research interest in urban analytics, I aim to analyze data patterns and trends to provide valuable insights for informed decision-making processes. My goal is to contribute to the development of smarter cities that are sustainable, equitable, and resilient.

“The DSPG program has not only enriched my professional journey but has also reinforced my belief in the power of data-driven solutions to create positive social change.”

Area of Expertise: 
Urban and Regional Planning
BSc. Urban and Regional Planning, Obafemi Awolowo University
MSc. Community and Regional Planning, Iowa State University
Certificate in Business Analytics, Iowa State University